Threats to Marine Ecosystems and Conservation of the Marine Environment

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Elsevier are pleased to present the following special collection to coincide with the S20 International Conference on Science and Technology for Science, Tokyo, Japan, 6th March 2019.

Special collection curated by the Nippon Foundation/Nereus Program Fellows

Edited by Yoshitaka Ota, Wilf Swartz and Quentin Hanich

All articles in the collection are available free through December 31, 2019.

It is with great pleasure that we put forward this special collection, “Threats to Marine Ecosystems and Conservation of the Marine Environment”, for the S20 International Conference on Science and Technology for Science in Tokyo, 2019.

Every coastal State, including several members of G20, face threats to marine ecosystems and the environment as complex societal, economic and governance challenges. Ocean management involves multi-disciplinary science and complex issues of policy design, while implementation demands consultative decision making and long term capacity development. In order to achieve sustainable development and conservation goals, we must improve the integration of science into marine policy, whilst achieving social and economic inclusivity and diversity. From coastal systems where human activities are layered in ocean space, to remote oceanic systems, management faces complex challenges in identifying and quantifying  trade-offs between conservation and sectoral interests.

In this special collection, we have selected 20 articles published in Elsevier’s peer-reviewed journals that showcase the current issues of marine environment and policies. Topics that are covered include marine pollution, climate change impact on ocean, UN Sustainable Development Goals, coastal management, fisheries management and high seas governance, with several articles dedicated to highlighting the latest scientific developments on these issues from Japan. The articles were selected in consultation with ocean experts of the Nippon Foundation Nereus Program, an interdisciplinary global research network. We are particularly grateful to Drs. Andres Cisneros Montemayor, Colette Wabnitz, Juan Jose Alava Saltos, Malin Pinsky and Larry Crowder for their recommendations.

Studies from Japan

General Topics on sustainable development and marine conservation

Climate Change

Ocean Plastic

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