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Special issues

Most downloaded articles

Service supply chain management: A review of operational  models * Review article
European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 247, Issue 3, Pages 685-698
Wang, Y.; Wallace, S.W.; Shen, B.; Choi, T.M.

Reverse logistics and closed-loop supply chain: A  comprehensive review to explore the future * Review article
European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 240, Issue 3, Pages 603-626
Govindan, K.; Soleimani, H.; Kannan, D.

Cloud computing - The business perspective *  Article
Decision Support Systems, Volume 51, Issue 1, Pages 176-189
Marston, Sean; Li, Zhi; Bandyopadhyay, Subhajyoti; Zhang, Juheng; Ghalsasi,  Anand

The effect of prior knowledge and decision-making style on  the online purchase decision-making process: A typology of consumer shopping  behaviour * Article
Decision Support Systems, Volume 77, Pages 137-147
Karimi, S.; Papamichail, K.N.; Holland, C.P.

Why do people use information technology? A critical review  of the technology acceptance model * Article
Information & Management, Volume 40, Issue 3, Pages 191-204
Legris, Paul; Ingham, John; Collerette, Pierre

Most cited articles papers published since 2014

Quantitative models for sustainable supply chain  management: Developments and directions
European Journal of Operational  Research, Volume 233, Issue 2, 1 March 2014, Pages 299-312
Brandenburg, M., Govindan, K., Sarkis,  J., Seuring, S.

Barriers analysis for green supply chain  management implementation in Indian industries using analytic hierarchy process
International Journal of Production Economics, Volume 147, Issue PART B,  January 2014, Pages 555-568
Wei, L.,  Zhu, H.,  Cao, Z. ,  Dong, X.,  Jia, W.,   Chen, Y.,  Vasilakos, A.V.

Selecting green suppliers based on GSCM  practices: Using Fuzzy TOPSIS applied to a Brazilian electronics company
European Journal of Operational  Research, Volume 233, Issue 2, 1 March 2014, Pages 432-447
Kannan, D., De Sousa Jabbour, A.B.L.,  Jabbour, C.J.C.

Recent advances in robust optimization: An  overview
European Journal of Operational  Research, Volume 235, Issue 3, 16 June 2014, Pages 471-483
Gabrel, V., Murat, C., Thiele, A.

Reverse logistics and closed-loop supply chain: A  comprehensive review to explore the future
European Journal of Operational  Research, Volume 240, Issue 3, 1 February 2014, Pages 603-626
Govindan, K., Soleimani, H., Kannan,  D.