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Renal Medulla (Posterior Part; Left)
Urogenital System

Renal Medulla (Posterior Part; Left)

Medulla renis

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The renal medulla predominately consists of the renal pyramids that are separated from each other by the renal columns.

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The renal medulla is the inner portion of the kidney located deep to the renal cortex.


The majority of the nephron loop (of Henle) travels through the renal medulla, which is responsible for the majority of water reabsorption, making urine hypertonic. The vasa recta (straight vessels) surround the loop of Henle aiding in the countercurrent exchange, which allows for the concentration of urine.

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Renal Medulla

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papillary d’s (kidney) the straight excretory or collecting portions of the renal tubules, which descend through the renal medulla to a renal papilla or renal crest.

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