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Enamel Spindles
Tooth (Mandibular First Molar)

Enamel Spindles

Fusus enameli

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Quick Facts

The enamel spindles are the clublike structures in the inner third of the dental enamel, believed to be terminals of protoplasmic processes of the odontoblasts that have passed across the dentinoenamel junction (Dorland, 2011).

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Structure and/or Key Feature(s)

Enamel spindles are the projections of dentinal tubules that occasionally traverse the dentinoenamel junction and extend into the enamel. Often more prevalent at the cusp tips, these spindles appear as a series of dilated ampulla-shaped extensions anchored to the dentinoenamel junction (Berkovitz et al., 2012).

The spindles are formed during tooth development when odontoblast processes become entrapped between ameloblasts prior to and during amelogenesis (Standring, 2016).


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