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Iliac Crest
Skeletal System

Iliac Crest

Crista iliaca

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The iliac crest (crest of ilium) is the thickened superior border of the bone. When viewed from above, it appears S-shaped, with its anterior portion being concave inwardly and its posterior portion being convex inwardly. It ends:

—anteriorly, as the anterior superior iliac spine;

—posteriorly, as the posterior superior iliac spine.

The iliac crest consists of ventral and dorsal regions:

—The ventral region makes up the anterior two-thirds of the iliac crest and consists of inner and outer lips, with an intermediate zone located between. The prominent iliac tubercle is found along on the outer lip.

—The dorsal region makes up the remaining posterior one third of the iliac crest.

The iliac crest provides attachment sites for muscles of the abdominal, thigh and gluteal regions.

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