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Body of Femur
Skeletal System

Body of Femur

Corpus ossis femoris

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The body (shaft) of femur is the long, tubular part of the bone. It is continuous superiorly with the neck of femur, and continuous inferiorly with the medial and lateral condyles of femur. It is narrowest at its middle area and expands at both its proximal and distal ends. The boundary that separates the body and neck of femur is defined:

—anteriorly, by the intertrochanteric line;

—posteriorly, by the intertrochanteric crest;

—superiorly, by the greater trochanter;

—inferiorly, by the lesser trochanter.

The body of femur consists of:

—five surfaces; anterior, lateral, medial, posterior, and popliteal surfaces;

—seven borders; medial and lateral borders, linea aspera, spiral line, gluteal tuberosity, and the medial and lateral supracondylar lines.

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