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Interfascicular Veins
Peripheral Nerve Fibers

Interfascicular Veins

Venae Interfascicularis

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Quick Facts

The intrafascicular veins are part of the vasa nervorum and help drain the nerve.

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The interfascicular veins are located within the internal epineurium and form part of the vasa nervorum, small vessels that supply blood to peripheral nerves. This network of vessels supplies blood to the interior parts of the nerves and their coverings. The vasa vasorum are located within the connective tissue of the nerve scattered between the fascicles (Boissaud-Cooke, Pidgeon and Tunstall, 2015).

Anatomical Relations

The vasa nervorum are the smallest vessels in the epineurial, perineurial, and endoneurial layers.


The vasa nervorum supply the peripheral nerves with the molecular nutrients needed to carry out their cellular functions and for survival (Carp, 2015).


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