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Epineurial Nerves
Peripheral Nerve Fibers

Epineurial Nerves

Quick Facts

The epineurial nerves are part of the nervi nervorum and supply the nerve.

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The epineurial nerves are located in the external epineurium and form part of the nervi nervorum. The nervi nervorum can be described as the nerves innervating a nerve. They are made up of sympathetic and sensory nerve fibers found within the connective tissue of the nerve trunk (Bove and Light, 1997).

Anatomical Relations

The nervi nervorum originates from nerve fibers and the perivascular plexus (nerves innervating the blood vessels of the nerve). They serve as the intrinsic innervation of nerve sheaths and are found within all connective tissue coverings of the nerve trunk, including epineurium, perineurium and endoneurium.


The nervi nervorum are typically capable of mechanoreceptor function and some are capable of nociception, which is the detection of noxious chemical, mechanical and thermal stimuli (Bove and Light, 1997).


Bove, G. M. and Light, A. R. (1997) 'The nervi nervorum: Missing link for neuropathic pain?', Pain Forum, 6(3), pp. 181-190.

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