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Secondary Nerve Fascicle
Peripheral Nerve Fibers

Secondary Nerve Fascicle

Fasciculus nervus secondaria

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There are two types of fascicles within the nerve, primary and secondary fascicles. A group of nerve fibers bundled together is known as a primary fascicle. Primary fascicles are separated by the perineurial septa, a layer of intrafascicular connective tissue. Several primary fascicles cluster or bundle together to form a single secondary fascicle, which is ensheathed by the perineurium (Barral and Croibier, 2007).

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The fasciculus plays a role in protecting the nerve fibers. It provides the necessary environment for the nerve to function correctly. The fasciculus also plays a role in organization of the nerve fibers within the nerve. For example, before branching, fascicles destined toward a common branch are arranged into fascicle groups.

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