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Intermediate Branch of Posterior Ramus of Second Lumbar Nerve (Right)
Nervous System

Intermediate Branch of Posterior Ramus of Second Lumbar Nerve (Right)

Ramus posterior intermedius nervi lumbalis secundi

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After the posterior ramus of the second lumbar nerve (L2) has traversed through the intertransverse ligament and medial intertransverse muscle, it divides into medial and lateral branches. The lateral branch continues a short distance before giving rise to an intermediate branch.


The intermediate branch passes dorsally and caudally through the intertransverse space and enters the longissimus thoracis muscle. It remains intermuscular (Bogduk, Wilson and Tynan, 1982).


There are no named branches.

Supplied Structures & Function

The intermediate branch supplies the lumbar fibers of longissimus thoracis muscle.


Bogduk, N., Wilson, A. S. and Tynan, W. (1982) 'The human lumbar dorsal rami', J Anat, 134(Pt 2), pp. 383-97.

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