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Dorsal Digital Branches of Ulnar Nerve
Nervous System

Dorsal Digital Branches of Ulnar Nerve

Rami digitales dorsales nervi ulnaris

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The dorsal digital nerves arise from the dorsal branch of ulnar nerve (C8-T1 spinal segments) at the level of the pisiform bone.


The dorsal branch of ulnar nerve descends with the main trunk of ulnar nerve almost to the pisiform bone. Here it passes backwards to divide into three (and sometimes two) dorsal digital nerves. The first branch enters the medial side of the little finger; the second branch enters the adjacent sides of the little and ring finger; and the third branch, if present, enters the adjacent sides of the ring and middle fingers.


There are no named branches.

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The dorsal digital nerves of the ulnar nerve provide sensory cutaneous innervation to the skin of the medial half of the back of hand and the skin of the dorsal aspect of the medial two and half fingers.

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