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Temporoparietalis Muscle
Muscular System

Temporoparietalis Muscle

Musculus temporoparietalis

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Quick Facts

Origin: Temporal fascia above ear.

Insertion: Epicranial aponeurosis.

Action: Tightens scalp.

Innervation: Temporal branches of facial nerve (CN VII).

Arterial Supply: Posterior auricular artery.

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The temporoparietalis muscle arises from the temporal fascia superior to the auricle of the ear, between the anterior and superior auricular muscle (Dorland, 2011).


The temporoparietalis muscle extends to the epicranial aponeurosis above.


The temporoparietalis muscle tightens the scalp (Dorland, 2011).


Dorland, W. (2011) Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary. 32nd edn. Philadelphia, USA: Elsevier Saunders.

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