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Musculus Uvulae (Left Half)
Muscular System

Musculus Uvulae (Left Half)

Musculus uvulae

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Quick Facts

Origin: Posterior nasal spine; palatine aponeurosis.

Insertion: Uvula.

Action: Elevates and retracts uvula.

Innervation: Pharyngeal plexus (CN X).

Arterial Supply: Ascending palatine and greater palatine arteries.

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The musculus uvulae originates from the posterior nasal spine of the palatine bone and the superior aspect of the palatine aponeurosis.


The musculus uvulae inserts beneath the uvular mucosa. The muscles are joined bilaterally along the majority of the muscle.


In addition to elevation and retraction of the uvula and the middle of the soft palate, it also assists the levator veli palatini muscle in the closure of the nasopharynx.

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