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Peritoneum of Bladder
Digestive System

Peritoneum of Bladder

Peritoneum vesicae

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The peritoneum is a complex, continuous serous membrane consisting of a layer of mesothelium and varying degrees of connective and adipose tissue. Visually, it is largely unremarkable, smooth, and has a lubricated surface due to the presence of peritoneal fluid.

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Anatomical Relations

Peritoneum of the bladder covers the bladder’s superior surface and is limited posteriorly by the vesicouterine pouch (female) or vesicorectal pouch (male), where the peritoneum is reflected onto the anterior surface of the uterus just superior to the anterior vaginal fornix (female) or rectum (male), respectively. Anteriorly, the peritoneum is reflected onto the inner surface of the body of the pubic part of the pelvic bone and the anterior abdominal wall. Laterally, the peritoneum forms the recesses that are the paravesical fossae (Standring, 2016).


The peritoneum secretes peritoneal fluid which helps lubricate viscera within the abdominal and pelvic cavities, reducing friction between organs. This is especially true of dynamic organs involved in peristalsis or those that distend due to changes of volume, such as the bladder. Secondly, the peritoneum aids in the immune response as the peritoneal fluid contains various immune cells. The peritoneal fluid actively flows around the peritoneal cavity and is eventually absorbed by lymphatics. The peritoneum, like other tissues, responds to trauma and inflammation, thus helping to protect the viscera (Moore et al., 2013).

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