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Pisometacarpal Ligament
Connective Tissue

Pisometacarpal Ligament

Ligamentum pisometacarpeum

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Anatomical Relations

The pisometacarpal ligament forms part of the ligamentous complex of the pisiform (or pisotriquetral) joint. It attaches from the palmar aspect of the pisiform to the fifth metacarpal. The pisometacarpal ligament, along with the flexor retinaculum (transverse carpal ligament), pisohamate ligament, and flexor digiti minimi, forms the floor of Guyon’s canal. The ulnar nerve and artery pass through this canal.

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The pisotriquetral, pisohamate, and pisometacarpal ligaments form a ligamentous complex around the pisiform joint and act as primary stabilizers, resisting to proximal, ulnar, and radial forces (Rayan et al., 2005).

List of Clinical Correlates

—Pisiform ligament complex syndrome


Rayan, G. M., Jameson, B. H. and Chung, K. W. (2005) 'The pisotriquetral joint: anatomic, biomechanical, and radiographic analysis', J Hand Surg Am, 30(3), pp. 596-602.

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