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Sternoclavicular Joint (Left)
Connective Tissue

Sternoclavicular Joint (Left)

Articulatio sternoclavicularis

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The Sternoclavicular joint is a synovial sellar (or saddle) joint and is the only articulation between the axial skeleton and the upper limb. The joint is located between the clavicle, the clavicular notches of the sternum, and the superior surface of the first costal cartilage. The articulating surfaces of the clavicle and sternum are covered with fibrocartilage. The joint is reinforced by a number of ligament:

—anterior sternoclavicular ligament;

—posterior sternoclavicular ligament;

—interclavicular ligament;

—costoclavicular ligament.

The synovial joint is completely separated by a fibrocartilaginous articular disc.

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Sternoclavicular Joint

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The sternoclavicular joints are the only true points of articulation of the shoulder girdle with the trunk.

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