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Posterior Pubic Ligament
Connective Tissue

Posterior Pubic Ligament

Ligamentum pubicum posterius

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Anatomical Relations

The posterior pubic ligament lies on the posterior surface of the interpubic disc and pubic symphysis. It is attached to posterior margins of the pubic articular surface and the adjacent periostea of the pubic rami of pubic bones laterally. It blends in with the superior pubic ligament superiorly, and with the inferior pubic ligament inferiorly.

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The posterior pubic ligament is composed of fibers with varying orientation. Its superior fibers run transversely along with the superior pubic ligament, and its inferior fibers cross over and run obliquely with the inferior pubic ligament.


The posterior pubic ligament, along with the anterior, inferior and superior pubic ligaments act together to merge the adjacent periostea of the pubic bones. These ligaments and the interpubic disc act together to stabilize the pubic joint, and to resist tensile, shearing and compressive forces.

List of Clinical Correlates

- Symphyseal pain

- Pregnancy related symphyseal joint widening

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