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Talocalcaneal Interosseous Ligament (Left)
Connective Tissue

Talocalcaneal Interosseous Ligament (Left)

Ligamentum talocalcaneum interosseum

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The talocalcaneal interosseous ligament is a strong bi-laminar band of fibers and is the chief ligament that binds the talus and the calcaneus. Its fibers arise from the talar sulcus and the neck of the talus and descend obliquely in the tarsal sinus to attach to the calcaneal sulcus.

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Anatomical Relations

The talocalcaneal interosseous ligament is a bi-laminar ligament. The posterior fibers of the talocalcaneal interosseous ligament are considered part of the talocalcaneal joint, whereas the anterior fibers are associated with the talocalcaneonavicular joint.


The talocalcaneal interosseous ligament is the main stabilizer of the subtalar joint. It occupies a central position between the subtalar and talocalcaneonavicular joints and lies directly below the long axis of the leg, thus acting as the fulcrum around which the leg and foot moves. This subjects the talocalcaneal interosseous ligament to continuous twisting and stretching (Palastanga and Soames, 2011). The talocalcaneal interosseous ligament becomes taut during eversion of the foot.


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