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Nasal Cartilages (Left)
Connective Tissue

Nasal Cartilages (Left)

Cartilagines nasi

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The external and internal nose are composed of bone and cartilage. The internal nose is primarily bone with some cartilage, while the external nose is the opposite. Collectively, the cartilaginous components are called the nasal cartilages. The nasal cartilages form part of a midline septum and provide structure and support to the external nose.

There are several named plates of hyaline cartilage interconnected by connective tissue. Cartilage is attached to bone by periosteum and to each other by perichondrium.

The nasal cartilages form a pyramidal anterior extension of the nose away from the face. The nose communicates with the external environment through openings on the inferior aspect, the nares, that face inferiorly. A septum, cartilaginous anteriorly, separates the inferior opening into paired nares. The septum passes posteriorly separating the nose into right and left cavities.

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Nasal Cartilages

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