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Sacral Venous Plexus
Cardiovascular System

Sacral Venous Plexus

Plexus venosus sacralis

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The sacral venous plexus is a network of vessels that originates caudal to the lumbosacral junction.


The sacral venous plexus normally forms a symmetrical hexagonal network of vessels on the pelvic surface of the sacrum, that drains into the lateral branch of the hypogastric vein. A sacral ladder is formed from anastomoses created by transversely orientated pre-sacral veins that unite the medial and lateral sacral veins (Zeit and Cope, 1983).


The sacral venous plexus receives blood from the sacral intervertebral veins and forms anastomoses with the lumbar and pelvic veins.

Structures Drained

The sacral venous plexus drains the surrounding sacrum.


Zeit, R. M. and Cope, C. (1983) 'Anatomy of the sacral venous plexus', AJR Am J Roentgenol, 140(1), pp. 143-4.

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