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Lateral Sacral Veins
Cardiovascular System

Lateral Sacral Veins

Venae sacrales laterales

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The lateral sacral veins are paired veins that originate on the inferior portion of the sacrum.


From its origin, the lateral sacral veins ascend on the anterior surface of the sacrum, lateral to the median sacral vein and artery, to drain into the internal iliac or superior gluteal vein.


The lateral sacral veins form an anastomosis with the vertebral venous plexuses. This provides an alternative collateral pathway for blood to reach the inferior or superior vena cava.

Spinal tributaries travel through the pelvic sacral foramen and drain into the lateral sacral vein.

Structures Drained

The lateral sacral veins drain the anterior surface of the sacrum.

List of Clinical Correlates

- Venous metastases

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