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Basivertebral Veins (Lumbar)
Cardiovascular System

Basivertebral Veins (Lumbar)

Venae basivertebrales

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The basivertebral veins originate from venous sinuses within the pars spongiosa of the vertebral bodies.


The basivertebral veins run horizontally through the vertebral bodies, emerging through the anterior and posterior foramina of the vertebral bodies.


There are no named tributaries; however, the basivertebral veins communicate anteriorly with the anterior external vertebral venous plexus and posteriorly with the anterior internal vertebral venous plexus.

Structures Drained

The basivertebral veins drain the vertebral bodies.

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Basivertebral Veins

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The basivertebral veins are seen as signal voids in the midline of the posterior vertebral bodies, often with surrounding high signal fatty marrow.

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