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Reaxys Academy

Join our self-paced, online chemistry training for librarians, researchers, instructors and students. Learn how to use Reaxys to advance your teaching and understanding of analytical, organic and inorganic chemistry.

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Welcome to Reaxys Academy, your gateway to keeping up with chemical research and designing better experiments!

Unlock your potential with Reaxys, the ultimate chemical platform. Our courses are designed to boost your confidence and refine your skills through comprehensive video instruction.

Discover how to embark on this journey below, take your chemical research to new heights. Complete the self-paced course, take a quiz and earn a certificate you can showcase.


Getting started

1. Scroll down and click the 'Join the course' button to enroll in a module All course materials and assignments, including video tutorials, discussion forums and assessments are hosted on our trusted partner, Canvas learning platform. To get started, scroll down and click the 'Join the course' button to register on Canvas. You will receive a “Welcome to Catalog” email from, Canvas' parent company. 

Watch the video for detailed instructionsopens in new tab/window

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2. Read and watch the provided content Engage with instructional video content designed by your peers.

3. Complete a short quiz to test your understanding To obtain your certificate, complete the quiz consisting of 5 questions at the end of a module. Answer all correctly to earn your certificate.

4. You are now certified Download your certificate of completion and badges to share on LinkedIn and email.

Reaxys 101

This course is ideal for librarians, educators, researchers and students who are looking for a foundational-level introduction to Reaxys or to enhance their skills and understanding of Reaxys as a platform for research.

Designed by chemists, Reaxys is a web-based, chemical search engine that allows you to search for chemical reactions, (parts of) chemical structures and substance properties. Approximate time to complete – 30-45 minutes.

Chemist teaching a colleague in a lab

Chemistry 101 with Reaxys ​

Reaxys can broaden the understanding of chemistry for any level of student: from undergraduate and graduate to post-graduate and beyond. This course illustrates how to leverage Reaxys across a variety of chemical reactions.

Chemists need exposure to relevant chemistry databases early in their careers to effectively learn chemistry, gain chemistry digital literacy skills, and be well-prepared for their research projects and labs. Approximate time to complete – 45-60 minutes.

Researcher writing a chemical formula

Reaxys Teaching 101

This self-paced train-the-trainer course introduces using Reaxys as a platform for chemical research. Ideal for librarians, educators, and researchers who are responsible for onboarding colleagues to Reaxys.

Learning content includes a step-by-step narrated video guide covering navigation basics, results pages and filters, retrosynthesis planning, structure search and drawing and more.

Approximate time to complete 60 – 90 minutes.

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"We find the Reaxys training also helps to get students more interested in organic chemistry because they can see more of what is possible in this field."

Hironao Sajiki


Hironao Sajiki

Professor at Gifu Pharmaceutical University