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Analyze existing and potential collaborations and partnerships, as well as key contributing researchers, from more than 18,000 research institutions globally with SciVal.

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As the world discovers and adapts to the effects of the current pandemic, it is more crucial than ever to have robust and accurate data & analytics at hand to help researchers solve our global challenges and to enable research institutions to make informed decisions. Universities rely on SciVal for strategic decision support, helping them to identify experts in order to build successful research teams and find potential collaborators and partners across all sectors.

SciVal helps you answer questions like: Who are the best partners for our projects across all sectors? Which experts could form a successful research team to address our local community and global challenges? How are our partnerships and collaborations affecting our impact? And much more.

Use SciVal to:

  • Identify the key researchers working in specific Topics or Research Areas of interest
  • Profile your current partnerships and identify potential partnership opportunities through deep analysis of co-authored works and research fields of interest
  • Build interdisciplinary research teams for targeted funding bids

With a foundation of quality, structured data from Scopus, an intuitive interface, advanced data analytics and super-computer technology, SciVal helps you identify and profile experts and supports your team-building efforts.

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