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Empowered Collaboration

Strengthen partnerships across your research ecosystem

Upcoming webinar: Reaching Across the Aisle

Support collaboration across the research ecosystem.

Collaboration is at the Heart of Research Success

While every country struggled in the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers worldwide moved from DNA sequencing of the novel coronavirus to vaccine distribution—all within the first year. Would this rapid breakthrough have been possible without the vast networks that facilitate partnership and collaboration?

In our new webinar series, Empowered Collaboration, we explore how different insights, tools and services can complement local knowledge to enable greater collaboration and partnership. Whether you are focused on mentorship, recruitment or team building, Empowered Collaboration will demonstrate how integrated tools and services can help you and your teams move toward shared goals with greater confidence.

What you will learn

What you will learn


Uncover how you can further enable researchers and university leadership to find best-fit experts, build high-performing teams and achieve shared goals.


Discover tools and services that integrate with your workflows and help your organization leverage its expertise and resources across departments.


Webinar 1: Reaching Across the Aisle

Tue, Jun 14, 2022

Webinar 1: Reaching Across the Aisle

For those supporting research success, collaboration is increasingly critical and can be complex to achieve across the institution. Through a series of case studies, learn how trusted tools and insights help the library to partner with research services, faculty and students to:

  • Monitor collaboration performance
  • Demonstrate the impact and reputation of researchers and their output
  • Help research leadership track the organization’s progress and impact.

Why Expertise & Collaboration?

Aligned partnerships can advance your programs, augment your reputation and increase your organization’s chances of funding. Research Intelligence solutions for Expertise and Collaboration are designed to help you:

Foster strong partnerships

Foster strong partnerships

Identify best-fit researchers and potential cross-sector partners to advance your research

Generate deep insights

Generate deep insights

Generate insights with quality, structured research data, advanced analytics and an array of indicators and metrics

Visualize your networks

Visualize your networks

Visualize your existing research networks to support strategic decision-making

Integrate across your ecosystem

Integrate across your ecosystem

Enable integration across administrative systems and services to enhance your ecosystem

Effective internal and external communications around research expertise and technology transfer are critical to university success and decision making.

⁠— Professor Carol Lane, University of Surrey, UK

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