Collaboration and data as drivers of progress: A conversation with Professor Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz

Research 2030 podcast - Season 2, Episode 5

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In this episode, Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz, Elsevier’s Senior Vice President of Research Networks, talks collaborations.

As a former researcher, university leader, funder, and now enabler of collaborations, Carlos has a unique perspective on these partnerships. During the course of this interview, he discusses the range of partnership models available and reflects on some of their pros and cons, including:

  • The important role of the “triple helix” structure
  • Why international collaboration is on the rise
  • How data can help universities and industry identify partners and track impact
  • The dangers of misusing data
  • Why long-term thinking is crucial when it comes to collaborations

Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz

We shouldn’t be mesmerized by data. Data is very helpful; however, people’s minds are more helpful than data.

Carlos Henrique de Brito Cruz

Show notes

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