Nick Fowler

Chief Academic Officer and Managing Director Research Networks

Nick Fowler

Dr. Nick Fowler is Chief Academic Officer and Managing Director Research Networks. He leads Elsevier's Research Marketing group which is responsible for defining and communicating how we deliver value to the world of research, i.e. researchers, librarians, research leaders, funders and governments. He also leads Elsevier’s Global Academic Relations group which he collaborates with senior leaders of the world’s leading universities and research policy-makers globally. Finally, he leads the Access & Policy Group which determines Elsevier’s strategy and policies on, among other things, Open Access and Open Data.

Nick joined Elsevier in 2003 and was its Director of Strategy from 2005-2012. Before that he was at the strategy management consultancy McKinsey & Company based in Stamford Connecticut where he worked with leading global companies in high technology and media sectors. He achieved his PhD in Anthropology from Cornell University in 1998, a Masters in the Social Sciences from the University of Chicago as a Fulbright Scholar in 1990, and a BA in Geography from Oxford University in 1989.

Nick is originally from the UK and currently lives with his wife in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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