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SciVal provides strategic insights to help your research programs thrive

Visualize your organization’s research performance, benchmark it against peers, and identify emerging research trends with SciVal. Our modular solution offers insights to enrich local knowledge, support research strategy, evaluation, and funding success.

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Overview module: Visualize and understand research performance

The Overview module provides high-level overviews of research performance for you & your peers globally.

  • Profile and evaluate the performance of institutions, researchers or research groups

  • Understand performance and research strengths in specific Research Areas, Publications Sets or Topics

  • Explore your collaborations and identify potential partners

  • Analyze & understand the actual bibliometrics used in THE World University Rankings

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SciVal Overview module

Video: Kirsty Collinge from Heriot-Watt University shares how they are using SciVal to characterize and profile research excellence.

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Benchmarking: Evaluate, benchmark & monitor progress

Compare your research performance to others in your region, country and the world with the Benchmarking module.

  • Analyze collaboration partners

  • Profile developments in fields over time

  • Choose from an array of research metrics, zoom in on a year range or subject area, and build insightful reports

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SciVal Benchmarking module

Collaboration: Build strong teams and partnerships

Evaluate existing research collaborations and identify potential partners with the Collaboration module.

  • Explore interactive maps and tables to evaluate existing partnerships

  • Filter by subjects, Research Areas defined by you, sectors or authors

  • Identify new opportunities for global collaboration partnerships

  • Enhance team building by uncovering research expertise on and beyond campus

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SciVal Collaboration module

Impact: Showcase how your research informs policy

Understand and demonstrate the broader impact of your research on society using impact data, metrics and insights with the Impact module.

  • Identify policy mentions to develop clear impact narratives for funding bids and case studies

  • Discover researchers influencing policymaking for collaboration opportunities

  • Strengthen promotion and tenure applications with quantitative evidence of research impact

  • Showcase your broader impact to the public, potential donors, governments and funding bodies

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SciVal Impact module

Video: Learn how SciVal can help you understand and demonstrate the broader impact of your university's research activites

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Grants: Advance your funding strategies

The Grants module provides access to funding landscape intelligence to support strategic planning and execution of research strategies.

  • Discover funding trends in priority areas and the funding bodies active in these areas

  • Identify the leading researchers and funding recipients in your area of interest

  • Profile and understand peer strategies

  • Explore adjacent fields attracting funding as potential areas for growth

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SciVal Grants module

“The best feature of SciVal [is that] it allows me to import researchers from my school, and then group them into their organizational units. I can then analyze them at institute-level research groups, right down to the individual researchers. Another unique feature is [that] we can easily share the information with other senior managers.”

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Kirsty Collinge

Research Administrator at Heriot-Watt University, U.K

Take advantage of SciVal with strategic insights from your research — discover how SciVal can fit your needs

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