Access for researchers and students

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ScienceDirect access
Elsevier provides access to over 14 million researchers via our online platform ScienceDirect. We give customers flexibility in the way they purchase access. Check with your librarian or information specialist to see if you have access.

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Share links
Authors who publish with Elsevier receive a shareable link of their published article, providing 50 days' free access to their article on ScienceDirect. Researchers publishing with Elsevier can share their articles in other ways too. See more

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Accessible formats for print disabilities
We provide alternate files to help students with print disabilities worldwide. Campus disability services may use the AccessTextNetwork or the Elsevier Disability Request Form to request a file.

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Open content
Elsevier publishes open access articles which are free for readers to access. We also make articles openly available through our open archives and open manuscripts via the CHORUS service.

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On-site access
Our ScienceDirect platform is available to the public via onsite user access from any participating university library or UK Public library via the Access to Research program.

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Individual article purchase
Elsevier offers options to purchase single articles (Pay-per-view) and groups of articles (Article Choice). We also work in partnership with document delivery suppliers such as Ingenta and Subito.

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Open Data pilot
We make raw research data freely available for users to download and use alongside the article.

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Personal access
The Elsevier Store offers online or print personal subscriptions to many of our titles.

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Postdoc access
Since 2012, Elsevier's Postdoc Free Access Passport Program has been supporting young scholars in between jobs or looking for their first postdoctoral position. Qualified applicants are granted six months free access to Scopus and all our journals and books on ScienceDirect. They can use this access to work on grant applications and research projects. Read more