Agreement between University of Kansas and Elsevier

Elsevier and University of Kansas have established an agreement to support authors who wish to publish open access.

The cost of publishing open access is covered under the terms of this agreement.  When publishing open access in hybrid journals, eligible corresponding authors do not have to pay an article publishing charge (APC). When publishing in fully gold open access journals, authors will receive a discount on the APC.


Articles must have an original acceptance date between 1 January 2023 and 31 December 2025.

The corresponding author is the person who submits the manuscript and other related documentation to the journal and is the primary contact between the journal and all other authors. If the paper is published, the corresponding author is also the first point of contact for readers.

The corresponding author’s responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that all authors have complied with the journal’s policies, including reviewing and approving the final version of the manuscript prior to submission
  • Distributing and responding to communications from the journal (e.g., decision letters, reviewers’ reports)
  • Completing the post publication author journey including the Journal Publishing Agreement, Rights and Access information form and selection of open access options on behalf of, and with the agreement of, the co-authors
  • Dealing with any post-publication correspondence (e.g., providing information regarding research data, methods and resources)

For the purposes of the agreement, there is only one corresponding author. All other authors that are not corresponding authors, are called ‘co-authors’.

With this agreement, authors have a choice between a commercial (CC BY) or non-commercial (CC BY-NC-ND) license. The licence choice is dependent on the journal selected. Please refer to the journal's homepage for specific details.

The following article types are part of this agreement:

  • Case reports
  • Data in Briefs
  • Full-length articles
  • Micro-articles
  • Original software publication
  • Practice guidelines
  • Protocols
  • Review articles
  • Replication studies
  • Short communications
  • Short surveys
  • Video articles