Institutional advocacy for librarians

Institutional advocacy

At the heart of the institution, the library advances learning and scholarship, and fosters collaboration and innovation. The following information can assist as you develop and share stories about the value of your library resources and services.

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Leveraging institutional collaboration

Leveraging institutional collaboration for the benefit of academic libraries

As a powerful combination of facilities, resources and expertise on campus, the library can be a lodestar for other departments. Discover how the University of Denver Libraries prospected for collaboration opportunities, delivered significant benefits, and forged solid gold relationships.

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Empower collection development

Empower collection development initiatives with value on investment (VOI)

Learn how VOI provides a more holistic look at the total impact of library collections and steps you can take to develop a strategy that assesses the true value of the library collection.

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Library Connect articles and webinars - institutional advocacy

Library value: student success, research outcomes and collection impact

In this Library Connect webinar librarians explore how to measure the VOI of collections, and help report the outcomes and impact of research, clinical care, and library instruction.

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Showcase your institution’s research and library capabilities

Discover how librarians work with stakeholders from researchers to the research office to raise the visibility of scholarly outputs and the library's profile in this Library Connect webinar.

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Return vs. value: How to communicate your library collection’s impact

Measuring VOI provides valuable information on how and why library collections are used—something ROI calculations can’t do. Learn the pros and cons of each for demonstrating your library’s impact.

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Communicating with administrators and executives: 5 tips from the top

A chancellor's chief of staff shares insight into the administration's frame of reference and how librarians can use this knowledge to advance their worthy cause.

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Power research priorities with better data

To identify top talent, win funding, form partnerships and strengthen reputation, your organization needs the right data.

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