Free whitepaper: playing “Moneyball” in librarianship

To read more, download the free whitepaper Playing "Moneyball" in Librarianship: The Winning Strategy of Gap Analysis, By Tommy Doyle, Senior Vice President, Elsevier.

"Librarians have an opportunity to change the way decisions are made. As knowledge professionals, librarians can become more collaborative and competitive, more efficient and effective."

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Data, driving high-quality decisions, can be a powerful vehicle for change. By empowering you with fact-based analytics, your library can become more prominent and valuable. Such “gap analysis” provides librarians like you greater visibility into usage behavior, as well as their institution’s and the world’s research trends. Download this free whitepaper to learn how librarians can play “Moneyball” to provide greater access to the content library patrons want, and elevate their own stature within an institution.