Where should I publish?

A library handout with tips and tools for researchers

  • 5 warning signs of a predatory journal
  • 7 essential questions to ask when evaluating a journal
  • Checklist to determine whether a journal is reputable
  • Tools to find journals based on various selection criteria

Helping researchers find the right journal for their manuscript is immensely rewarding and important. If the journal is a good match, the chances of acceptance are higher, saving them time and ensuring their findings are disseminated at the earliest opportunity. And with competition for funding and academic appointments only increasing, building a robust publication record may be crucial to career advancement.

This handout covers key points to review with researchers in instructional sessions and research consultations as they decide where to submit their manuscript. It can be tailored with your own observations or for specific disciplines and includes:

  1. Finding a journal:
    How and where to search for suitable titles
  2. Evaluating a journal:
    Essential questions to ask covering journal scope, journal quality and journal ethics