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We want to help you to make the most out of your ScienceDirect Books investment by helping you maximize the awareness and usage of the titles in your collection by increasing their discoverability within your institution. Tools are also provided to ensure that the eBooks you have purchased in perpetuity are properly indexed and easy to access from within your library catalog.

Drive awareness of the ScienceDirect book titles in your collection with these useful marketing tools:


Tutorials, including instructions

Printable flyers and posters; web banners; and email templates to help you promote your ScienceDirect books collection within your institution

  • All Books on ScienceDirect—Hang these print flyers in highly trafficked areas in your library or office. Send out the email templates to your patron contact lists to to share tutorials with your users and raise awareness that they have access to Books on ScienceDirect.
    flyers in highly trafficked areas in your library or office | Elsevier

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