Top books coming to ScienceDirect in Mathematics and Physics

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Available in 2017

Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications, 2nd Edition

Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications, 2nd Edition By Robert Nisbet, Gary Miner and John Elder, IV

Includes input by practitioners for practitioners. Includes tutorials in numerous fields of study that provide step-by-step instruction on how to use supplied tools to build models. Contains practical advice from successful real-world implementations. Includes extensive case studies, examples, MS PowerPoint slides and datasets, along with a CD-DVD containing valuable software. Brings together, in a single resource, all the information a beginner needs to understand the tools and issues in data mining to build successful data mining solutions. Features clear, intuitive explanations of novel analytical tools and techniques, and their practical applications.

Hybrid Censoring: Models, Methods and Applications, for Engineering and Bio Health
By N. Balakrishnan and Debasis Kundu

Presents many numerical examples to adequately illustrate all the inferential methods discussed. Provides open problems and possible directions for future work. Reviews developments pertaining to Type-II HCS, and includes the most recent research and trends. Explains why the hybrid censored sampling is important. Provides detail in using HCS under different settings and the designs of HCS. Includes R code on website for ease of use.

Engineering Mathematics with Examples and Applications

Engineering Mathematics with Examples and Applications
Xin-She Yang

Covers fundamental engineering topics that are presented at the right level, without worry of rigorous proofs.