Top books coming to ScienceDirect in Agriculture, Biological and Food Sciences

We are following up with you on the customized insights report you received last week with a preview of the upcoming books that would be of greatest interest to your users based on the subjects areas they have been reading lately.

Available in 2017

Cereal Grains, Assessing and Managing Quality, 2nd Edition
Edited by Colin Wrigley, Ian Batey and Diane Miskelly

Documents the latest research in cereal grains, from their nutraceutical and antioxidant traits, to novel detection methods. Provides a complete and thorough update to the first edition, analyzing the range of major cereal species. Presents detailed advice on the management of cereal quality at each stage of production and processing.

Foodborne Diseases, 3rd Edition
Edited by Christine ER Dodd, Tim Grant Aldsworth and Richard A Stein

Presents principles in disease processes in foodborne illness.Includes hot-topic discussions such as the impact of nanotechnology on food safety. Provides in-depth description of our current understanding of the infectious and toxic pathogens associated with food. Presents cutting-edge research on epigenetics, antimicrobial resistance, and intervention technologies.

Cheese, Chemistry, Physics and Microbiology, 4th Edition
Edited by Paul L. H. McSweeney, Patrick F. Fox, Paul D. Cotter and David W Everett

Features new chapters on Milk for Cheesemaking, Acceleration and Modification of Cheese Ripening, Cheesemaking Technology, Low-Fat and Low Sodium Cheesemaking, and Legislation. Offers practical explanations and solutions to challenges. Content presented is ideal for those learning and practicing the art of cheesemaking at all levels of research and production.