The Librarian: Today’s Data Expert

Exploring the role of the librarian in data acquisition, storage and management

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The librarian: today’s data expert for research intelligence

Bringing data expertise to the institution

With fresh mountains of data piling up each day, overwhelmed researchers and institutions need the guidance of data-savvy librarians to help them manage all this information. Librarians provide the data necessary for good institutional decision-making, and they give researchers the tools needed to store and promote their data. As a key data expert, the librarian is critical to the success of the institution and its people.

In this white paper, learn about:

  • The library’s role in supporting the institution and managing institutional data
  • How the critical part librarians play at every stage of the research data life cycle makes them an essential part of the research team
  • The impact that librarians have on research and data in the broader academic community

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