Three new book series launched in 2016

Elsevier’s book series offer a unique and important service to researchers by consolidating the latest advances in their field. They provide in-depth reviews on hot topics and important research areas as well as the latest research into methods and protocols. Edited by top experts chosen for their stature, series present a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of research and build upon it over time.

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Advances in food security and sustainability

Advances in Food Security and Sustainability

Series Editor: David Barling, The Centre for Agriculture, Food & Environmental Management, School of Life & Medical Sciences, University of Hertfordshire, UK

  • Takes a scientific look at the challenges, constraints, and solutions necessary to maintain a healthy and accessible food supply in different communities around the world.
  • Explores the challenges related to protecting environmental resources while meeting human nutritional requirements.
  • Advances in Food Security & Sustainability publishes timely reviews on recent research in the field, including:
    • Local limitations on food production, availability and sustainability, including biological, agricultural, economic and institutional constraints
    • People’s physical access to nutritional food
    • Socio-political challenges impacting food security
    • Critiques of different research methods
    • Environmental sustainability in food production

The first Volume was published in November 2016.

Advances in bioenergy

Advances in Bioenergy

Series Editors: Yebo Li, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, The Ohio State University, USA
Xumeng Ge, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA

  • Advances in Bioenergy is a new series that provides both principles and recent developments in various kinds of bioenergy technologies, including feedstock development, conversion technologies, energy and economics, and environmental analysis.
  • The series uniquely provides the fundamentals of the technologies, along with reviews that will be invaluable for students in understanding the technology.
  • Written and edited by a world leading scientist in the area of bioenergy and bioproducts and includes both principles and recent developments within bioenergy technologies

The first Volume was published in November 2016.

Stratigraphy & Timescales

Stratigraphy & Timescales

Series Editor: Michael Montenari, Earth Sciences and Geography Department, Keele University, Newcastle, UK

  • This multi-disciplinary series highlights work being done by climate researchers and geologists in a range of disciplines, addressing the need for a thorough review publication devoted to the broad field of stratigraphy.
  • It covers current research across a wide range of stratigraphic disciplines, providing information on recent developments for the geoscientific research community.
  • Stratigraphy and timescales are relevant topics to researchers in a broad range of subject areas, including oceanography, paleontology, climate change, earth-surface processes, and other geologic disciplines.

The first Volume was published in December 2016.

Learn how series can solve the challenges of your researchers and students in the whitepaper Read the Whitepaper now

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