Results and experiences of eBooks usage at the University of Auckland

Recently, Elsevier worked with the University of Auckland Library to find out how the eBooks are being used by their patrons. we would like to share the results and experiences of the university with the library community:

The University of Auckland is a large multi campus university serving 40,000 students and employing 3,500 academic staff across a wide range of disciplines. Its collection of electronic library resources is one of the largest in Australasia.

The University Library is committed to providing the best access to relevant literature and resources to researchers, teaching staff and students across seven locations. Over the last few years, the university has moved to an e-preferred model because of the advantages that eBooks have over print books. Firstly, eBooks are particularly useful for students and staff because they are able to access the resources 24/7, even when they are not on campus. Secondly, with eBooks, the university is able to save precious physical space without having to weed their book collections extensively and this in turn saves staff time.

One of the reasons why the University has purchased Elsevier eBooks since 2007 is the quality of the content and the user friendliness of the ScienceDirect interface. The titles from Elsevier Science and Technology Books are highly relevant to a range of subjects that are taught at the University. The fact that the ScienceDirect platform does not restrict the number of simultaneous users is valued and furthermore, the ability to download chapters allows their use as course readings. Feedback about the ScienceDirect platform has been consistently positive. The high quality MARC records supplied by Elsevier also translates to increased discoverability of titles via the catalogue which is extremely important to the users. Statistics have shown that an increasing number of students and staff are accessing the ScienceDirect resources.

The University Library plans to further fine-tune their eBooks strategies through gathering and analyzing the usage of eBooks.