Using personalized reporting to provide library ROI

Elsevier is now offering a complimentary customized report to help you gain insights into your library holdings.

Using proprietary Elsevier research tools we can now help you understand exactly where your researchers are focusing their work, ensuring that your library resources are being invested in areas of greatest need for optimal return. These free customized reports include detailed analysis of your researchers' article output, eBook package usage and turnaways.

Request your institution’s complimentary custom report

Your personalized report will include:

  • The subjects with the greatest research growth for your institution
  • How your current ebook collection supports your researchers’ work
  • Areas where your researchers are missing information

Using the same Elsevier research tools, our editorial teams identify research areas with high activity, influential authors and institutions. Editors analyze all of that information to determine content needed now and in the future, resulting in high-demand eBooks content from leading authors. Our 2018 Frontlist is available earlier than ever before to give you more time to consider the resources your library needs and use your budgets wisely. The ScienceDirect 2018 eBook Frontlist is available in 24 subject collections.