New specialty medicine eBook titles

Elsevier has recently added 40 new eBook titles to ScienceDirect as part of the Specialty Medicine Frontlist package of titles publishing in 2016 and a companion supplement of titles published between 2008 and 2015. The supplement also includes an additional 26 medicine titles already available on ScienceDirect, making these 2 packages of over 60 eBooks a comprehensive resource for librarians looking to increase their Health Science collections between now and 2016.

The new titles reflect a higher value and quality of content being offered on ScienceDirect than from previous years, due to insights from customers and a thorough analysis of distribution and usage of medical content on the platform. Through this research, Elsevier identified a number of key medical specialties with strong appeal for research customers, including Oncology, Infectious Disease, Endocrinology, Rheumatology, and Allergy.

While it is intended that the ScienceDirect Specialty Medicine eBook Collections complement one another to provide cross-disciplinary coverage across all the segments we serve, there are outstanding individual titles in each of these packages that will resonate with specialists in their respective fields, including Abeloff's Clinical Oncology (Niederhuber), Kelley and Firestein's Textbook of Rheumatology (Firestein), Infectious Diseases (Cohen), Middleton's Allergy (Adkinson), and Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine (Kryger), which are considered gold standards by the physician community and Doody’s Core Titles™ with a 4 – 5 star rating.

Specialty medicine Included titles:

Clinical immunology

Clinical Immunology, 4th Edition, Robert R. Rich, MD et al.

Equips Readers with peerless advice and global best practices to enhance the diagnosis and management of a full range of immunologic problems.

Clinical oncology

Abeloff’s Clinical Oncology, 5th Edition, John E. Niederhuber MD et al.

Designed to capture the latest scientific discoveries and their implications for cancer diagnosis and management of cancer

Principles and practice of infectious diseases

Mandell, Douglas and Bennett’s Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases, 8th Edition, John E. Bennett, MD et al.

The reference of choice for comprehensive, global guidance on diagnosing and treating the most challenging infectious diseases.


Rheumatology, 6th Edition, Marc C. Hochberg, MD, MPH et al.

Provides extensive, authoritative coverage of rheumatic diseases – from basic scientific principles to practical points of clinical management – in a user-friendly manner.