New book series launching in 2017

Committed to publishing content in growing and emerging areas of research we are thrilled to announce that we are launching four new book series this year!

Book series offer a unique and important service to researchers by consolidating the latest advances in their field. They provide in-depth reviews on hot topics and important research areas as well as the latest research into methods and protocols. Edited by top experts chosen for their stature, series present a comprehensive snapshot of the current state of research and build upon it over time.

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Using our subject matter experts and our powerful proprietary tools including SciVal and Scopus, we have identified four areas of research that have a strong need for new book series content. Check out the new series launching in 2017 below:

Advances in Stem Calls and their Niches

Advances in Stem Calls and their Niches—May 2017, Edited by Prof Dominique Bonnet, UCL and The Francis Crick Institute, London

With Professor Dominique Bonnet from The Francis Crick Institute at the helm as Serial Editor, thematic volumes will address new developments in the field including new data on disease, and clinical applications. Each volume will focus on an individual organ, the stem, the niches and how to use them, alongside relevant methods and protocols.

Methods in Chemical process safety

Methods in Chemical Process Safety—April 2017, Edited by Prof Faisal Khan, C-RISE and Memorial University of Newfoundland

Publishes fully commissioned methods papers across the field of process safety, risk assessment and management and loss prevention. It provides informative and current content that appeals to both researchers and practitioners in process safety. Publishing one themed volume a year, the publication will provide a resource detailing the latest methods in the field of chemical process safety.

Avances in Chemical pollution, environmental management and protection

Advances in Chemical Pollution, Environmental Management and Protection—September 2017, Edited by Professor Dami√† Barcel√≥, IDAEA-CSIC

Led by an expert in chemical pollution and environmental science, this new book series publishes fully commissioned in depth review papers from scientists worldwide. It provides informative and comprehensive content with a particular focus on interdisciplinary research. It also has significant appeal to policy makers, as well as those working in industry.  Publishing one thematic volume a year, the publication will provide a one stop resource detailing the state of the art advances in chemical pollution and environmental management and protection.

Advances in Neurotoxicology—November 2017Edited by Prof Michael Aschner, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Prof. Lucio G. Costa, University of Washington

This comprehensive new series addresses contemporary advances in neurotoxicology, with thematic volumes providing authoritative review articles on key issues in the field. Edited by leading subject experts, volumes are designed as in-depth overviews of latest topic developments in the field and analyse the effect of varied chemical agents on the nervous system. As a result, this new series is an essential and unique resource for researchers and graduate students alike.

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