Successfully navigate the ever-changing economic climate

Founded in 1983 by Kenneth Arrow and Michael Intriligator, the Handbooks in Economics feature world-class literature summaries of recent advances in economics research.

The handbooks have played a signal role in the field both by organizing and synthesizing the literature and, more importantly, by offering enlightened perspectives from top researchers. Nobel laureates such as James Heckman and Lars Peter Hansen have written on econometrics, Clive Granger on economic forecasting, Jean Tirole on industrial organization, and Thomas Sargent on computational economics.

Volumes have won awards from the American Publishers Association and 800-CEO-READ. Now edited by Michael Woodford (Columbia University) and Julio Rotemberg (Harvard Business School), Handbooks in Economics continues to publish on established fields such as income distribution and regional and urban economics as well as emerging fields such as the economics of international migration and commercial policy (Volume 1, 2016).

Watch for 2016 Handbook in Economics volumes publishing in these cutting-edge areas including; Handbook of Media Economics, Handbook of the Economics of Population Aging, Handbook of Macroeconomics, Handbook of Commercial Policy; and the Handbook of the Economics of Education.

Highlights from Handbooks in Economics—

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