Introducing the Mendeley Librarian Certification Program

Librarians and information specialists have been important to Mendeley since day one. We know that you’re on the front line, whether it’s teaching new students how to reference or helping researchers to access the resources they need. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the support you need when it comes to helping your users.

Part of the way we want to make things easy is by creating better ties to services that are already in your toolkit, such as ScienceDirect. In addition to books being importable to Mendeley, you can also export references from ScienceDirect to Mendeley with just a few clicks. When viewing a book listing, just click the ‘Export’ button that appears near the top of the page and choose ‘Save to Mendeley’. This opens the Mendeley import tool, allowing you to pick and choose the individual chapters you want - or you can grab the whole book straight away. Watch the March Online Books Connect issue for a shareable tutorial on this book export feature.

Saving these references to a personal library allows them to be quickly retrieved at a later date. You can also use Mendeley’s powerful organisational tools to file them away, or to add notes and annotation to keep track of your thoughts. By using the Mendeley Citation plugin, these references can be easily cited in a word processor - and you can even pick a citation style from a list of over 7,000 options.

The Mendeley Librarian Certification Program

We launched the Mendeley Librarian Certification Program in 2015 as a way for librarians to easily get to grips with Mendeley. We learned a number of key lessons during the first year and have now channeled those learnings into improving the program for the 2016 intake.

Using a self-service model that allows you to work at your own speed, the program consists of three levels of assessment. We provide detailed resources and support at every step of the way. Upon passing each level you receive rewards for yourself and your institution, including premium account upgrades and a box full of Mendeley goodies to distribute.

Level 1 helps you understand the basics of Mendeley by providing an overview of the different Mendeley applications. You’ll learn how users can build a personal reference library, to organize their materials and to easily cite while they write. You’ll also learn about how Mendeley fits into the various stages of the research cycle. When you’re ready, you can take a short quiz to test your understanding. Level 1 takes 2-4 hours to complete, and when you pass you’ll receive a premium upgrade for your personal account - allowing you access to a number of great features. You’ll also be invited to join an exclusive Mendeley group for certified librarians, allowing you to connect with others from around the world.

Level 2 encourages you to get used to using Mendeley yourself. You’ll complete a number of hands-on exercises to help you familiarise yourself with tasks your users need to do on a regular basis. After a few hours of preparation you should be ready to submit your level 2 assessment. On passing, we’ll send you a box of great merchandise* for distribution as part of your training sessions.

Once you’re confident in using Mendeley for yourself, you’re ready to take it to the next step. Level 3 finishes up your ‘train the trainer’ experience by giving you the skills you need to present Mendeley to a number of different audiences. We provide some best practice examples for you to learn from, and work with you to produce a bespoke rollout plan for your institution. Level 3 takes between 2 and 6 hours to complete.

Passing level 3 entitles you to 500 premium upgrades** to distribute at your institution. Premium packages provide Mendeley users with a huge increase to their online storage and allow them to create larger collaborative groups. You’re also entitled to claim a substantial discount on a Mendeley Institutional Edition license - which provides premium upgrades for your entire institution, as well as unlocking detailed analytics to help you track your users’ reading habits and usage.

*Limited to two Level 2 rewards per institution per year
**Limited to one Level 3 reward per institution per year

Contributed by:

Paul Tavner

Paul Tavner, Educational Resources Manager, MendeleyBefore joining Mendeley, I worked in digital publishing for several years. I'm interested in how conventional tasks - such as research and development - can be assisted and improved by the use of emerging technologies.