Introducing ScienceDirect Frontlist 2018

Our 2018 Frontlist is available early to give you more time to consider the resources your library needs and help with budget allocations. Available in 24 subject collections and delivered on the full-text ScienceDirect site, your students and researchers can quickly find the information they need within the science, technology, and health sciences disciplines.

We analyze research trends, identifying gaps in knowledge, and then search for the best authors to address those gaps. This ensures you're getting the content your patrons need most and gives you confidence you're purchasing collections that will enhance research and learning at your institution. See the chart below for details on our 2018 subject collections.

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ScienceDirect Collection 2018 # of eBooks
Agricultural, Biological and Food Sciences 118
Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology 48

Biomedical Science and Medicine
Chemical Engineering 65
Chemistry 47
Computer Science 7

Earth and Planetary Sciences
Energy 86
Engineering 197
Environmental Science 38
Finance 25
Forensics and Security 25
Immunology and Microbiology 22
Materials Science 131
Mathematics 10
Neuroscience 56
Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science 38
Physics and Astronomy 4
Psychology 28
Social Science 53
Specialty Medicine 89
Specialty Surgery 21
Health Professions 9
Veterinary Medicine 7

Numbers in table refer to the number of new books added per collection.

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