Introducing ScienceDirect frontlist 2017

Our 2017 Frontlist is available earlier to give you more time to consider the resources your library needs and help with budget allocations. It has grown by 17% since 2016, delivering even more knowledge to support research and education.

Available in 24 collections and delivered on ScienceDirect, the DRM-free online solution, your students and researchers can quickly find the information they need within the science, technology, and health sciences disciplines.

Highlights from our 2017 Frontlist

New to the list of available collections is Health Sciences Specialty Surgery, which includes books covering general surgery and various surgical specialties such as plastic surgery and neurosurgery.

We are focused on high-impact areas of science and engineering, including Agricultural, Biological and Food Sciences; Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; and Environmental Science.

Highlights this year include the increase of Materials Science, Energy, and Finance books and the inclusion of more books focused on specialty medicine.

We also continue to provide the latest research in the important areas of Mathematics; Social Sciences; and Biochemistry Genetics and Molecular Biology.

ScienceDirect Collection 2017:

Numbers refer to the number of new books added per collection.

  • Agricultural, Biological and Food Sciences: 119
  • Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology: 52
  • Biomedical Science and Medicine: 76
  • Chemical Engineering: 64
  • Chemistry: 43
  • Computer Science: 53
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences: 50
  • Energy: 71
  • Engineering: 197
  • Environmental Science: 33
  • Finance: 23
  • Forensics and Security: 25
  • Immunology and Microbiology: 23
  • Materials Science: 125
  • Mathematics: 26
  • Neuroscience: 56
  • Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutical Science: 38
  • Physics and Astronomy: 12
  • Psychology: 32
  • Social Science: 53
  • Specialty Medicine: 67
  • Specialty Surgery: 19
  • Health Professions: 6
  • Veterinary Medicine: 7

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Becky Pease

Becky Pease, Senior Channel Marketing Manager, ScienceDirect. BooksPromoting Science and Technology content at Elsevier for global web platform ScienceDirect, where we curate and disseminate science content from the world, for the world.