How to save time and money for you and your library

Did you know that most librarians’ greatest challenge is planning? How much funding will your institution provide? How many books will you need to add? How many journal subscriptions? What else will your patrons request? What resources will you have to offer to your researchers, educators and students to give them a competitive advantage?

There is a way to reduce some of your headaches surrounding planning. Multi-Year Books deals can allow you to lock in pricing with firm dollar amounts. This approach enables you to avoid the increases in your budget that would occur from buying one year at a time.

One of the most tedious and consuming parts of materials acquisition is dealing with contracts. They steal time, effort and focus from your main role…and invariably involve more attention than planned. Time is valuable and Multi-Year deals make life easier for you by potentially reducing the number of contracts you must negotiate.

This acquisition model not only saves you the time you would spend on yearly contract negotiations and approvals, but also considerable money. Knowing you will be buying for a fixed number of years triggers discounts to recognize your commitment to our products and services. These discounted prices are locked in for the term of the deal, so you (and we) know exactly what you will need to budget for a specified number of years.

Another advantage of Multi-Year Books deals is automatic delivery of resources. Purchased books are made available to library patrons on ScienceDirect as soon as they are published. You know what to expect throughout the term of your contract, helping you promote new or upcoming resources to your users in advance.

Enabling multi-year book deals on ScienceDirect

First, you assess your holdings, as well as the requirements of your institution that need to be supported by the library. Elsevier assists by providing usage statistics and analysis data to help you better understand your patrons’ behavior and requirements. This also feeds our knowledge, leading to development of the most ideal multi-year model for your library. With this information, you choose the appropriate Books on ScienceDirect and Reference Module packages to be delivered within the specified contract time period. Most libraries choose three-year deals; this is a reasonable amount of time for you to anticipate the needs of your institution, and for us to estimate the number of titles we will publish. The multi-year contract then fixes your cost for the books at an agreed-upon discount price. We guarantee to deliver the content…and if we over-publish, you receive those extra books – up to 20 percent of content organic growth - without a price increase.

One customer serving a large, widespread constituency is currently taking advantage of a five-year contract with Elsevier that included Books on ScienceDirect, Books Series and Reference Modules. This customer finds that the more they promote these resources, the more their usage grows. Best of all, it does not have to spend time negotiating a contract with Elsevier each year. The customer knows that our new Books on ScienceDirect will keep coming, offering new sources of content to its widespread patrons.


  • This graph is an example for illustration purposes only, savings are based on many factors and will vary by institution
  • Number of Titles at Launch: Estimated number of titles at the launch of subject collection
  • Number of Finalized Titles: Finalized number of titles published for that subject collection
  • Collection Price: Subject collection price with discount at launch
  • Collection Price – Finalized with discount: Finalized subject collection price with discount

Ready to save yourself time and money by eliminating annual contract negotiations? Now is the time to consider Multi-Years Books Deals with Elsevier.

We will work with you to assess your current situation, and show you how to grow your collection knowing what and how much you will receive, for a known price, in the coming years. It could save you time and money for your library.

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