How much shelf space could you save by investing in eBooks?

The modern library is a hub of collaboration: open work areas, large tables, casual seating and ample private space for meeting and engagement.

That's a key benefit of eBooks. They free up enormous amounts of physical space. As more libraries convert their collections to digital, they’re able to replace shelving units with these highly functional, multi-use collaborative areas — or use the saved space in other ways that support their needs.

How much shelf space could you save by investing in eBooks? And can the savings really add up? Use our eBooks calculator to estimate how much space you could save. Then contact us to learn how we can help you find the best eBooks to replace your print titles.

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Where did the calculator come from?

Developed by Elsevier’s Books group with input from four US librarians, the calculator is meant to be a helpful tool for librarians in providing an estimate of cost savings. The idea arose when members of the ScienceDirect Books team reviewed a paper entitled, “Collections and Space” (Dames, Gwilt, Warren and Carrier, 2015). This sparked a notion that a calculator to help estimate space savings could be useful. One of the four librarians consulted in this process was Scott Warren, Interim Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship at Syracuse University Libraries and co-author of “Collections and Space.”

In our paper, we noted that as libraries face an increasing number of contemporary challenges — including helping universities manage a dearth of campus study space — strategic use of facilities can play an integral role in addressing these transitions says Scott Warren.

As library space and services evolve, so too does the need for new tools and paradigms for evaluation and planning. In this first iteration of the calculator, data entry is quite simple. The Books team welcomes feedback and suggestions for improving the calculator and will consider adding more fields and units of measure that can be edited to make the calculations even more accurate.

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