Facilitating online learning

You'll probably agree that your faculty, staff, and students all deserve the best learning opportunities available. Providing institution-wide electronic teaching and learning resources is an easy way to make sure these opportunities are available to all equally. eTextbooks and Reference Modules on ScienceDirect offer a way to make this a reality at your institution.

Professors want to instruct from current materials, and not force their students to buy expensive and often outdated books. With institutionally provided electronic learning resources, students will never fall behind because of not being able to afford all of the reading materials. The continuous review of Reference Module content enables educators to offer access to updated content, knowing they can customize searches for recommended reading based on the requirements of each class.

There is no limit on the number of users who can access a title on ScienceDirect, and hosting the content online means the reading material will always be available during those late night study sessions. With remote access activated, content is available out of the access range of your IP or institution from any internet location and on any device—desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. There are also no DRM restrictions, so users can read full-text online, download to their device, or print depending on personal preference.

ScienceDirect offers free MARC recordstutorials, and marketing tools to support discoverability and usage. eTextbooks and Reference Modules are seamlessly integrated within the ScienceDirect platform, making assigned chapters easy to find and introducing readers to related materials such as journal articles, Book Series, eBooks, and more to provide a great start for class research projects.

Students can rely on these electronic resources to enhance learning in their field of study and professors can be assured they are providing students with an robust but affordable course reading list.


eTextbooks are available on ScienceDirect in Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Life Science, Mathematics, and Neuroscience.

View the full list of available titles here (XLSX, 468kb)

Reference Modules on ScienceDirect are available for Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering; Biomedical Sciences; Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences; Food Science; and Materials Science and Materials Engineering. Reference Modules combine thousands of encyclopedic and comprehensive articles from Elsevier’s world-leading reference works along with new and exclusively-written articles to create one innovative and efficient resource. Content is continuously reviewed and updated and then date stamped. New articles are commissioned where needed to extend previous reference works or cover entirely new areas of research - essential in these rapidly evolving scientific fields.

white paper thumbnail of 'The “Best of the Best” in Targeted Content
  for Scientific Research and Education' white paper | Elsevier

A new white paper outlines how Reference Module content is powering research and instruction: The “Best of the Best” in Targeted Content for Scientific Research and Education (PDF, 625kb)

For more on a professor's perspective take a look back at a recent article where one professor shares his experiences using reference module content in the classroom.