The eTextbooks program on ScienceDirect is growing

Provide your Institution convenience, value, and quality authorship with eTextbooks on ScienceDirect

At your academic institution, students and faculty can access the recommended and required reading they need for their courses anywhere and anytime. Because there is no limit on the number of users who can access, the material will always be there when it is needed. Textbooks are seamlessly integrated within the ScienceDirect  platform, making it easy to also find and read related materials such as journal articles, major reference works, eBooks and more.

At your corporation, ScienceDirecteTextbooks address the growing need for content that provides industry professionals with essential foundation level knowledge outside of their area of expertise in related/new areas where they need to work and innovate, i.e. a learning and development solution.

Raise the bar on results at your institution with easy access to textbooks across 7 disciplines: Chemistry, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Life Science, Mathematics, and Neuroscience.

eTextbooks give you:

  • Full-text version online or download and print with no digital rights management restrictions (DRM)

  • Multi-user/concurrent access at any time from any location to expand the reach of the content to your patrons

  • Portable content available on computers, tablets and smartphones to give users information in the format that best suits their needs

  • Integrated book and journal content for easier access to related materials

  • Purchased materials that are available for use by anyone at the institution regardless of class registration

  • Free MARC records to drive discoverability and usage

Recently added titles:

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